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We are all spending more and more time on our cell phones these days, not just the “kids.” So, we might as well have the world at our fingertips and do it in the most efficient, fun, and helpful way ever, right?

This is the Ultimate Resource for iPhone Apps for Empty Nesters! These are the apps that I personally use. There are thousands of other apps and other options for man of these apps. These are the ones that I can personally recommend.

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The Basic Apps that Come with the iPhone Automatically, Pre-installed:

  • Contacts – a place to keep your family, friends, and business associates’ names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.
  • Notes – a notepad app to leave yourself notes (I put things like my furnace filter size, my scale’s battery size, my family’s social security numbers, my neighbor’s names, an ongoing wish list of gifts for others or myself, and a list of items to look for at garage sales and thrift stores)
  • Photos – where you store your photos taken on your iPhone
  • App Store – where you go to download apps on your iPhone
  • Camera – where you take pictures
  • Apple Maps – a navigational map that gives directions to places
  • Calendar – an editable calendar that you can also share with others
  • Settings – where all the settings are for your iPhone
  • Clock – an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch and world clock
  • Calculator – a typical calculator
  • Wallet – store your debit/credit card numbers, boarding passes, tickets, Apple Cash, and online coupons here
  • Podcasts – where you listen to podcasts
  • Weather – a weather app with information provided by The Weather Channel
  • Find My – 3 apps in 1! Find Me – your shareable location, Find People – find other friends/family who have enabled sharing with you, and Find Devices – find your iPhone or other devices, or friends/family’s devices who have enabled sharing with you by playing a sound on the device or giving directions to the device. Very handy when a device is lost in the house!
  • Safari – a web browser to surf the web!
  • Activity – keeps track of your Steps, how often you are moving, how many minutes you exercised, and how often you stand – can also be connected to your Apple Watch or other fitness devices
  • Health – shows your “Activity” from above, you can add medical ID information in case of emergency, tracks your menstrual cycle, you can register as an organ donor, connects to your health and fitness apps, and keeps track of several health categories and health records

Map Apps:

  • Google Maps – a robust navigational map app – you can also save and label points of interest, and find public transportation options as well as how long it would take to walk or bicycle somewhere

Household Apps:

  • Nest – used to control your Nest thermostat, change the temperature anytime!
  • Ring – used to control your Ring device – shows Live view as well as a History of videos
  • Amazon Alexa – used to control your Amazon Echo devices
  • Wunderlist – a robust “list” program – you can tap each item off the list as you purchase/finish it
  • Outlook – an email app to check your Microsoft email
  • iRobot – used to control your Roomba vacuum devices

Pay Your Bills Apps:

  • Bank of America – set up automatic bill paying, check your balance, transfer money between accounts
  • Progressive – auto insurance app – get your I.D. card on your phone
  • My Sprint – cell phone app

Food Delivery Apps:

Entertainment Apps:

  • Disney+ – the new Disney streaming service!
  • Netflix – movies and TV show streaming service
  • AMC Theatres – theater showtimes and locations
  • Kindle – download books and read on your phone
  • Goodreads – keep track of books read, books to read, and connect with your friends
  • YouTube – watch millions of videos
  • Hulu – movie and TV show streaming service
  • TV Guide – remember the old printed TV Guide? Here is a digital version.

Finance Apps:

  • EveryDollar – the Dave Ramsey way of budgeting
  • Acorns – a savings account program that “rounds up” each debit card purchase and puts the rounded up amount in a savings account
  • Venmo – a way to pay friends and family digitally – quick and easy

Food Apps:

Game Apps:

  • Solitaire – traditional Solitaire game and variations
  • Kahoot! – a game played with others with their cell phones
  • Words with Friends 2 Word Game – like Scrabble, you can play with friends or alone
  • HQ – a trivia game where you can win real money

Health Apps:

  • CVS Pharmacy – order prescription refills, find locations, shop
  • WebMD – symptom finder and general health information
  • MyFitnessPal – keeps track of food eaten, nutritional information and exercise

Money Saving Apps:

Music Apps:

  • Music – Apple Music app
  • iTunes – music, movies, TV shows app through Apple
  • SoundCloud – listen to music from up and coming bands
  • Spotify – a music streaming service

Photography Apps:

Real Estate Apps:

  • – find homes for sale and for rent
  • Zillow – find homes for sale and for rent

Religion Apps:

  • Bible Gateway – a Bible app with several different versions to choose from, an audio bible, and reading plans
  • SheReadsTruth – daily readings
  • LPM – Living Proof Ministries – Beth Moore – TV messages and Podcasts
  • Bible – YouVersion Bible app with several different versions and reading plans

Restaurant Apps:

Shopping Apps:

  • Amazon
  • QVC
  • ShopSavvy – scan barcodes of products to compare prices at other stores and online
  • Shop Disney – the Disney shopping app
  • eBay – bid for or purchase items online
  • Groupon – online deals for local restaurants and services
  • LivingSocial – online deals for local restaurants and services

Social Media Apps:

  • Facebook – connect with friends and family online
  • Twitter – follow friends/family/celebrities/others online
  • Snapchat – send and create pictures online to share with friends and family
  • Instagram – share photos and “stories” online with friends and family and others
  • Pinterest – “Pin” items (recipes, decorating ideas) to create bulletin boards
  • Messenger – the Facebook messaging app

Sports/Ticketing Apps:

  • theScore – receive sports scores in real-time
  • StubHub – buy tickets to sporting events, concerts and plays
  • SeatGeek – buy tickets to sporting events, concerts and plays
  • TicketMaster – buy tickets to sporting events, concerts and plays

Storage Apps:

  • Files – where files are stored on your iPhone
  • Google Drive – store files on the Google “cloud” here
  • Google Photos – store photos on the Google “cloud” here
  • Dropbox – store photos and files on the Dropbox “cloud” here

Store Apps:

  • Kohl’s – keeps track of your Kohl’s coupons and Kohl’s Cash
  • Costco – find deals in the warehouses and online only deals
  • QuikTrip – find deals on the QT app
  • Sprouts – find coupons to use in-store

Transportation Apps:

  • Lyft – reserve a car to pick you up and drop you off
  • Uber – reserve a car to pick you up and drop you off
  • Bird – find and reserve an electric scooter in your area

Travel Apps:

  • My Disney Experience – the official and ultimate Disney app – wait times, make dining reservations, buy theme park tickets, etc.
  • Amtrak – find and buy train tickets
  • Travelzoo – find travel deals here, especially the Weekly 20
  • Orbitz – find travel deals
  • Kayak – great for air travel deals as it compares several carriers at once, also has hotel and rental car deals
  • Hotwire – find travel deals
  • Priceline – find travel deals
  • Frontier – find and buy airline flights – I occasionally buy flights for as low as $15 each way out of Kansas City!
  • Spirit – find and buy airline flights
  • CheapTickets – find travel deals
  • Universal Orlando – the official Universal Studios Florida app
  • VRBO – reserve a vacation home from individuals
  • HomeAway – reserve a vacation home from individuals
  • Southwest – find and buy airline flights
  • Airbnb – reserve a bed, room, or entire vacation home from individuals

Utility Apps:

  • Compass – standard compass
  • Measure – measure items with your iPhone, also includes a level
  • Speedtest – check the speed of your Internet access

Weather Apps:

Apps that come standard that I don’t ever use: (I don’t think I have ever even opened any of these apps. I’m sure they are useful, just not for me. 🙂

  • Clips
  • iMovie
  • iTunes U
  • Keynote
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Shortcuts
  • Tips
  • Home
  • Docs
  • Sheets

There are sooooooo many other apps to choose from that it would be impossible to try all of them. I would love to hear if there are other apps that you LOVE…please share!

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